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Hi I'm Dr. Steven Salyers DC CNS DACBN MS.  I'm double board certified in clinical nutrition through the Clinical Board of Nutritional Specialists and American Clinical Board of Nutrition.  I am also a candidate for Functional Medicine Certification (CFMP) and a certified life coach.  I have certifications in training from Harvard Medical School in three of the biggest contributors to type two diabetes, metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance), weight management, and stress management.  As a clinical nutritionist I see health and disease differently from most health care practitioners . Unlike the pharmaceutical approach to disease care, I see my patients as individuals with a compromised ability to self heal; therefore optimizing basic self-healing potential is the best solution for regaining lost health and reversing conditions like type ll diabetes.  Although type two diabetes is considered to be a chronic progressive disease by the American Diabetes Association, we find that to be untrue using proven functional medicine protocols.  My nutritional practice is devoted to helping type two diabetics reverse their condition through our protocols and one on one mentoring throughout the process.  I encourage you to request my free REVERSING DIABETES REPORT by contacting me through my personal email or call or text my personal cell number (661) 564-1861 or better yet attend one of our free one hour REVERSING TYPE ll DIABETES WORKSHOPS.

Current medical standards of care are heavily influenced by the pharmacological industry, which is evidenced by the F grade that Harvard Medical School received from the American Association of Medical Students regarding pharmaceutical influence in its education process (1). I know a few very health conscious dietitians, and I'm certainly impressed with their ability to make hospital food nutritious, however the American Dietetic Association is so influenced by the convenience food industry, Coke, and Pepsi that they have lost their ability to be objective about the benefits of nutritional supplementation when needed (2) and food recommendations to reverse diabetes. The general public as well as those in power in the media would generally rather promote for these industries than communicate proven truth to their audiences.

I don't believe for a moment that most of the nutritional advise out there is credible. Even the best multi-level marketing companies over promise benefits for their products. Infomercials abound promising that they have found the fountain of youth and key to ultimate health and longevity. The simple truth is, there is no one size fits all product or plan out there that will be right for everyone.

I prefer to use blood test to find nutritional deficiencies. What I have found is that most people I test are deficient in Vitamin D and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. This deficiency leads to inability of the body to quench excessive inflammation in the body. This inflammation results in diabetes,  pain, soreness, obesity, loss of energy, and lowered immunity.  Inflammation is a common denominator causative factor in disease processes like arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and pre-diabetes, cancer, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and autoimmune diseases. Basically these fatty acids and vitamin D are important for heart function and anything that is good for heart function is as a rule good for brain health. The most common mineral deficiency I find is zinc. Zinc is critical for immune function, energy and is needed for 70 different necessary enzyme functions in the body.  And yes you can detrimentally effect your health with inappropriate vitamin and mineral use.

Our bodies are being challenged by the ubiquitous exposure to a multitude of toxins and sometimes heavy metal exposures. A simple test will often find the answer to chronic poor health. Sometimes our health problems are related to the very foods we eat. A blood test to look for hidden delayed food sensitivities can bring understanding to many chronic health complaints. My approach is to have my patients fill out questionnaires that help me to identify possible need of specific blood tests. Nutritional strategies are then developed that help restore the body's own healing potential. The World Health Organization rates the United States as the 37th healthiest nation even though we far out spend any other nation on pharmaceuticals.  If the pharmaceutical approach to health is not a good fit for you, please consider looking into what modern laboratory analysis can do to help lead you to achieving optimal wellness. By the way, I receive no financial gain from labs when I refer out for their blood tests. 

Blessing and health to you,

Steve Salyers DC CNS DACBN MS

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